Safety and compliance are core to our business at TeamOne Logistics.

Our operations and safety teams work every day to uphold our responsibility and commitment to the motoring public, our drivers, and our customers. Our actions prove that we are constantly improving our safe behavior performance to ensure that we operate with the lowest possible risk of injury or damage to human lives, our environment and our community.

TeamOne works diligently to operate in the safest and most compliant manner as possible, striving to exceed federal and state mandates; changes in the Department of Transportation/FMCSA regulations and the latest best practices of our industry. Our commitment is clear and focused: to provide customers the safest choice for transportation services. We earn this badge every day.

At TeamOne Logistics, safety is our first priority.

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Compliance, Safety and Accountability

TeamOne Logistics works to recruit and onboard drivers that are best-in-class, possess the correct CDL license requirements and maintain safe driving records. Our processes ensure that our drivers have verifiable employment histories and mandatory years of driving experience. All new applicants undergo pre hire DOT drug testing, medical examinations, and criminal background checks.

Our commitment is to provide a monthly record of preventative maintenance on our commercial vehicles. In addition, our trucks receive biannual DOT inspections from approved and qualified outside providers. All commercial vehicles are inspected before they are allowed on the road for TeamOne Logistics.

Driver Training Initiatives and Continuous Training Programs

New driver training initiatives:

  • Fatigued Driving
  • PPE Requirements
  • Hazmat Training and Testing
  • SWA (Stop Work Authority)
  • Journey Management
  • JSA (Job Safety Analysis)
  • OSHA Standards
  • Cargo Securement
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • HOS – Hours of Service
  • Correct use of ELD system
  • Formal New Driver Orientation Class

Continuous training programs:

  • Weekly driver safety discussions
  • Yearly driving record review
  • Online Training for Drivers
  • Critical Crash Prevention
  • Mandatory Safety Meeting Attendance
  • CSA Reporting and Compliance

When it comes to oilfield transportation services, you can rest assured that TeamOne Logistics does it quickly and professionally – every time.